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What Should Be Covered In A Car Warranty?

Cars are the most popular form of transport globally, and here in the UK, there are at least 32,697,408 registered for use. It is clear, therefore, that the majority are in need of some form of protection

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Fashion Lifetime Warranties – What Are They?

The textile industry has been dominated by fast fashion and planned obsolescence for some time now. The highly profitable business model is designed to replicate catwalk and high fashion trends and mass-produce them at far lower costs.

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Environmental Benefits Of Warranties

New rules are being introduced this summer surrounding white goods and their environmental impact. In March 2021, the government announced that manufacturers would be required to make spare parts available for the first time.

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Consumer Duty: The Proposal Of Higher Standards

The FCA is proposing a new Consumer Duty. In May 2021, the consultation papers were laid out in full, and earlier this month, a webinar was hosted to go through the decision in more detail.

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