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Warranty, Product Protection and Systems Specialists

We aim to enhance your product protection schemes by providing suitable administration tools and expert broking to improve client efficiency and profitability.

Let us help your business to grow and prosper.

We have access to all the leading underwriters that specialise in warranty and product protection.

Manufacturers are only too aware that warranties, together with service, can be costly, involving expensive consultants and additional staff to administer in-house. We aim to completely take the pain away by providing a cost-effective warranty solution to enable finance departments to forward budget expenditure. 

Our fully comprehensive MI package will manage and feedback valuable information relating to your product reliability. This set-up would cover service, call centre and administration costs deriving from one contact source for the much needed smooth and seamless journey.

At Victis, we can help your business grow. Typically in areas, but not limited to those shown below. 

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Optimise your aftersales financial solutions

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Consumer Electronics

Warranty solutions for anything with a printed circuit board (PCB).


Fashion Industry

Construct your warranties and reduce your environmental impact.



Warranties and product protection implementation for the transport industry.



Insurance and product protection outside of traditional industries.

Why Choose Victis corp

We are proud to say, our senior management team has a wealth of experience spanning over one hundred years of industry knowledge. Combined with innovation and rather than employing traditional broker routes when trying to obtain pricing, Victis can provide you with a clear advantage on how the warranty solution is meant to run.

Sustainable Relations

At a time when sustainability is a theme we all take seriously, we believe passionately in providing value for money without compromising on any level of service. We work with our clients as partners, based on our ability to continue to supply creative, efficient and cost-effective solutions.

Industry Knowledge

Our management is from entirely different backgrounds and industries, helping to provide us with a deeper understanding of what clients need rather than what’s run of the mill and currently available. We have a clear understanding of being able to ‘think outside of the box,’ and we will look at creating something unique wherever possible.

Trusted & Recognised​

We design and develop sophisticated aftersales programmes that enhance the business operations of our clients. Our strength and heritage mean we have both a wealth of experience and great connections, allowing Victis to create bespoke solutions for our clients, whether global corporations or single entities. We have clients that range from motor manufacturers to consumer electronics manufacturers. Your business could be next!

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Concentrate on Growth

Concentrate on Growth

Choose from our menu and concentrate on growing your business; we offer

  • Product Optimisation Consultancy
  • Financial – off-balance-sheet
  • Broking – access to all markets
  • Outsourcing
  • Real-time Management information – Quality and durability reporting
  • Product enhancements

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